new york part 1

6am flight to ny. what was i thinking?! way too early…

ah, i’ve missed you.

i stayed at the yotel, a hotel in hell’s kitchen. it’s the land of white and neon purple with teeny, tiny rooms they call “cabins”. it was clean and close to the javitz center, so that’s all that mattered.

my “cabin” came outfitted with a craftmatic adjustable bed. no really, it did. it electronically moves to a sofa-like seat or a queen bed with the touch of a button.

the bathroom was by the window and there were no doors. so only stay there with someone if you REALLY know them.

this guy hangs in the lobby when you get off the elevator.

sometimes the entertainment in the hallway was really good.

i know, i’m creepin’.

at least the view was pretty good from the 27th floor. you can kinda see the hudson.

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