Monthly Archives: April 2012

jesse nelson glass

handblown glass from jesse nelson


‘holing out’ by yuck [warning: there's nakedness in the video. so if that's not your thing you might want to skip it.]

pantone meets sephora

sephora teamed up with pantone and created a collection based on pantone’s color of the year, tangerine tango. check it out!


i could totally live with this staircase that’s in darren star’s bel air home.


just as much as i love all things black, white, & grey, i’m a sucker for major color. i’m a gemini after all. these leather bags from lolafalkdesigns make me happy. a gazillion colors to choose from that i wouldn’t even know where to begin trying to pick one out.

pae white

work from pae white.

urban analog polyhedron wood candlesticks

geometric wood candlesticks by urban analog


‘this is not a song’ by islands

ombre tights

ombre tights, people! from BZR.

pierre charpin

oggetti lenti vase by pierre charpin