Monthly Archives: February 2012

neon pink heart card

neon pink heart card from banquet atelier & workshop. $5 LINK: etsy

personalized white heart art

picture made of white hearts from sarah & bendrix that you can personalize anyway you want. $190 LINK: etsy

pyrite cube necklace

i love the simplicity of this iron ore pyrite cube necklace. pyrite is also known as fool’s gold – how’s that for trivia for you? $25 LINK: cargoh  <——  i love cargoh so much more than i love etsy. check it out!

human heart carafe

for the more literal-minded, the human heart carafe by liviana osti. [via design milk]

ampersand design studio

limited edition screen-printed neon ampersand prints by ampersand design studio. $22 LINK: etsy

you + me

you + me = awesome print from 00one/nick schmitz. $48 LINK: cargoh

happy heart day

[okiiko heart pins]


pilots (on a star) by goldfrapp one of the best shows i’ve ever been to…

mini-eco pixelated popup card

mini-eco always has the best templates of cool things you can make and the pixelated popup heart card is one of them.

asos whistles mila jersey dress

a comfortable looking striped dress with pockets – what!? $170.10 LINK: asos