gwendolyn adelaide turner williamson.

that was my grandmother’s name. she came from a swedish family.  that’s her and my grandfather in 1958 at a party (my dad’s parents). i know they look like they are having the time of their lives, don’t they?

today would be her 98th birthday had she lived. she died in june of 1997 after declining health. she was a fighter though. she lost her husband in 1976 to brain cancer. i was only 13 months old so i don’t remember him or them together. it was always just my grandmother. people say she was never the same after he died because she loved him like no other. but still, i always loved her. she probably never weighed more than 90 lbs. but she was the most stubborn person you’d ever meet but also fiercely loyal. she liked to be home and stick to her routine but that’s what i loved about her. you could count on going to her house and her feeding my sister and i frozen pizza and tater tots. and then andes mints for dessert. or maybe lace cookies that she made.

that’s my grandmother on the far left with my grandfather below. most of the people are his siblings (there were 11 children total) and his parents in the middle. it was a party in 1958 for my great-grandmother’s birthday.

my grandfather’s name was harry. next to him is his brother dick. and the top right corner is their brother tom. yes, that makes tom, dick, and harry. i swear.

so happy birthday g. i’ll always be happy to have your maiden name as my middle name.

ps. i know i have the world’s worst scanner.

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