Monthly Archives: January 2012

iPhone cases – help?

i’m in need of a new iPhone case soon and i can’t seem to choose. i’ve had a black case for as long as i’ve had iPhones and i think i want something different this time around. these are my 2 faves at the moment: a. the hare case by marco cibola from uncommon. b. […]


came across this super cute okiiko asorti pins. you can buy them here.

alan taylor jeffries

‘local custom‘ by alan taylor jeffries. LINK: redbubble

fuchsia cabinet crush

i have a mad crush on this fuchsia cabinet and the styling. nothing makes me happier than we books are organized so neatly by color AND size. and they look nothing short of amazing on the bright shelf. love. [via blackbird]

baby lamps

once again the internets never ceases to amaze me. i know you’re not asking “wtf, a baby lamp?”, instead you’re saying “which color to get?” let’s be honest, who doesn’t need a light up neon green, pink, orange or blue baby? LINK: good gracious if you’re having trouble choosing a color, you can always start […]

etta james

‘i’d rather go blind’ by etta james

DVF Mariah Dress

dvf pink mariah embellished dress. $675  [yes, i know it's pricey] LINK: dvf

turquoise trim phone

sometimes i want to feel fancy and sit at my desk and use a “real” phone like we all used to, you know, before they all became cordless. too bad this turquoise trim phone seems to only work in the UK. a girl can dream though… LINK:  BODIE and FOU


today would have been my dog‘s 15th birthday. today actually marks 18 weeks since he died. it’s hard to believe it’s been that long because it feels like yesterday. i miss him just as much today as i did then. i just found these photos. they were taken 3 years ago today. a day when […]

donkey products tea

how funny are these teas from german-based donkey products? they have tons of different characters. above left are elvis, michael jackson, janis joplin, john lennon, and jimi hendrix. above right are naomi campbell, jean paul gaultier, donatella versace, yves saint laurent, and vivienne westwood. spotted on this week.