wow. hard to figure out where to begin. it had amazing high points but also far too many low points.

like the lowest of low.

there was way too much loss…

i lost my super sweet grandfather on august 29th.

6 short days later i lost my amazing great aunt on september 4th.

and if those 2 circumstances weren’t cruel enough, on september 16th i lost my dog that i loved dearly.

another blow came on november 28th when my sister lost her dog orzo. i loved orzo like he was my own. i lived and took care of him and sophie (her other dog) for a year.

sophie & orzo

i’m still completely heartbroken over losing elliot (or bew as we called him) and orzo… i will forever miss them.

but at least i did get to meet some amazing people this year. like friends-for-life amazing. and for that, i’m grateful.

while i had a lot of hopes for 2011, it didn’t exactly pan out like i expected. but it never really does, does it? i did learn a lot though.

mostly that life is way too short… you’re not always guaranteed a tomorrow so make the best of it while you can. 

needless to say after a year like this one, things can only get better, yes? yes.

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