Monthly Archives: December 2011

new year’s eve

‘new year’s eve’ from tom waits.


2011. wow. hard to figure out where to begin. it had amazing high points but also far too many low points. like the lowest of low. there was way too much loss… i lost my super sweet grandfather on august 29th. 6 short days later i lost my amazing great aunt on september 4th. and if those […]

santtu mustonen

‘patterns’ by santtu mustonen. take a look at it on his site to get a better visual of it. i did flip it sideways below to give you a better idea of what it’s supposed to look like up close. amazing.

matthias schaller

i want this series of astronaut photographs in my house. they are by matthias schaller. he does really cool series’ of various subjects. these are from ‘disportraits’.

koncept desk lamp

loving my new koncept z-bar desk lamp!

sarah west

sarah west‘s geometric wall sculptures are amazing. they are made of steel and abaca paper and i want them on my walls now.


how amazing is this NOW mirror by doug aitken? i know. i’m completely in love with it too. [VIA today and tomorrow]


super fun pantone stuff that i cannot resist: LINK:  pantone pots from serax maison d’être LINK:  pantone toothbrush set LINK:  pantone contact lens case LINK: pantone 2012 color of the year mug: tangerine tango

cat power

‘kings ride by (featuring manny pacquiao)’ from cat power. donate money to download the song and all proceeds go to festival of children foundation and the ali forney center. do it. do it now. you can thank me later.


i’ve always had a love affair with all things black & white and it continues to this day. i decided i wanted to expand my collection of b&w art so i’ve been on the lookout and here are my recent faves. LINK:  harold hollingsworth. i recently wrote about him for a design milk post and i […]