i’ve been on a month-long photo organization tear that has sent me down so many paths of nostalgia that i can’t even count.

so many memories. so many people gone…

so much bad hair.

it’s crazy how life changes. documents of people i once knew, places i’ve visited and places i’ve lived.

[have i mentioned that my degree is in photography? that means massive amounts of photos and negatives.]

i found the first photo i ever took that meant something to me. it was 4th grade and i took a photography elective with mr. bailey. we built pinhole cameras out of oatmeal containers and learned to develop our own photos. i loved it. not that it was good or anything. i just loved the process.

i also found childhood photos of family get-togethers that included my uncle’s friend, a photographer. my uncle scott lived in new york and played bass (still does) and i remember deborah coming to NC to visit.

what i very much remember when i was 13, is when my uncle got married in NYC and his wedding took place in her photo studio. i was fascinated with the contact sheets she had framed around the studio.

she had photographed everyone.

madonna. the ramones. mick jagger. bono & u2. talking heads. prince. johnny depp.

you name it, she’d photographed them.

i still think she’s one of the best portrait photographers out there.

needless to say, my love of photography (and music) grew. and so did my collection of equipment, photos and negatives.

so, thanks to mr. bailey and deborah feingold. you both made me want to study photography.

too bad they can’t come over and help me organize this stuff…

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