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as some of you may know, yesterday was shop local saturday. i think it’s super important to not only shop local but shop small, independent businesses every day and not just yesterday.

small businesses are struggling these days and the walmarts of the world are taking over and running them out. and let’s be real, who wants a walmart on every corner? not i…

so, here are a few of the people i like to support:

bull city craft
located in durham, nc, it’s an arts boutique and craft lounge with a local, eco-friendly focus. lots of great stuff to buy and you can make stuff while you’re there.

crow and canary
they represent some of the best lines of fine art cards/gifts and focus on handmade and eco-friendly designers.

adrienne vita [arcane arts]
she’s an artist/illustrator in portland, oregon. love her stuff.

a fantastic online marketplace of curated goods by independent artists and designers. love them.

check them out and support cool people.

there are plenty more that i will mention in the future.

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