Monthly Archives: November 2011

accident: broken light

i’m in the midst of redoing part of my workspace. a friend gave me a great desk that she was getting rid of so i jumped on it. i finally got around to finishing setting it up today. in the shuffling of things, i set one of my favorite lamps on the new desk. the […]


i finally got around to hanging up my stendig calendar today. it’s ginormous [4 feet by 3 feet] and i love it. can’t wait to finish the rest of my office/work area.


i’ve been on a month-long photo organization tear that has sent me down so many paths of nostalgia that i can’t even count. so many memories. so many people gone… so much bad hair. it’s crazy how life changes. documents of people i once knew, places i’ve visited and places i’ve lived. [have i mentioned […]

shop independent

as some of you may know, yesterday was shop local saturday. i think it’s super important to not only shop local but shop small, independent businesses every day and not just yesterday. small businesses are struggling these days and the walmarts of the world are taking over and running them out. and let’s be real, who […]

my new obsession

i am completely obsessed with white flower oil. it’s used for important stuff that i can’t remember but i just think it smells good. lavendar, eucaplytus and peppermint all swirled into one. delicious.

french connection

kiss crepe dress. $228 BUY:  french connection

jared plock

“marionette (redux)” print by jared plock. BUY: saatchi online