rest in peace?


nothing seems fitting.

i’ve been trying to write this post for a couple of days now but the words aren’t coming to me.

my grandfather passed away this monday, august 29th.

n. clayton lee – october 10, 1919 – august 29th, 2011

frankly i’m still shocked.  i mean, i knew this day would come eventually but it doesn’t change the fact that it was shocking.

i’m lucky.  i had him around for 36 years of my life.  and he lived a long 91 years, almost 92.  and 91.5 of them were healthy.

he was the nicest man you could possibly imagine and would do anything for anyone.  he loved my grandmother (also named caroline) unconditionally for their 66+ years of marriage.  he was beyond proud of his children – my mom martha, my uncle scott and my aunt patsy.  and he was super sweet to his 6 grandchildren – my sister lee, myself, jordan, aria, hunter and dillon.

i still can’t imagine not seeing him on birthdays, holidays and just-because days.

my grandparents
my grandfather, great-grandmother, my mom, uncle & aunt
my grandfather, my mom, uncle & aunt
my grandparents at my parent’s wedding – 1970
my grandfather & my mom at his 90th birthday party

i’m grateful for the time i did have with him but i wish i had more.  isn’t that always the case though…

i guess i’ll just say goodbye for now…  you will be missed but never, for one second, forgotten.

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