Monthly Archives: September 2011

the worst goodbye of all…

or the post i never wanted to write. the last 2 weeks have brought the death of my grandfather and my great aunt. and now my sweet dog… elliot.  * january 20, 1997 – september 16, 2011 i’m still in shock. i still can’t believe it. and i want so badly for it not to […]

nine / eleven

9/11. it’s been 10 years. and it’s still hard to believe. new york will never be the same, but maybe one day it will be better.  no matter what, it will forever be one of my favorite places. i will always think of new york on this day. new york new york, big city of […]


what a whirlwind 10 days. it’s barely been 10 days since i got word that my grandfather died. and 7 days since his memorial service. luckily his memorial service was more of a celebration of him. great music, hundreds of his friends and a good mix of family and old friends. one of which was […]

the duke spirit

this song is stuck in my head.  the step and the walk by the duke spirit.


rest in peace? farewell? nothing seems fitting. i’ve been trying to write this post for a couple of days now but the words aren’t coming to me. my grandfather passed away this monday, august 29th. n. clayton lee – october 10, 1919 – august 29th, 2011 frankly i’m still shocked.  i mean, i knew this […]

song obsession

i heard this song on satellite radio weeks ago and it’s been stuck in my head.  finally went to find it.  here it is….  lana del rey “video games”. you’re welcome.