i’m back…

for the last 24+ hours i’ve been trying to put into words how i spent my weekend.

sadly, i do not think the words i have can do it justice.

i participated in an ace camp with erin loechner titled ‘living a fulfilled life of creativity’.

i stumbled upon the workshop info a while ago and with slight hesitation signed up immediately.  normally i ponder, dread, go back and forth, and then eventually forget about something until the date has passed.  but i bit the bullet and signed up.  that was a big step for me because let’s be real, i quit most things i start.

but something about it made me sign up.  it was probably the fact that erin was teaching it.  she’s a sassy, petite little ball of sunshine with the biggest heart you’ll ever find.  she’s totally the one you want to be your bff, your maid of honor or the one around when you break up with your d-bag boyfriend.  but mostly she’s full of inspiration and lots of ideas.  she’ll be your cheerleader or your ass kicker, whichever you need.   or both perhaps?

besides erin, i met some of the most amazing people i have ever met in my life.  like, friends for life people.  getting to know them and gaining insight into their lives is something i will always take with me.

that is all for now but i will update more later…..thank you ladies!

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