Monthly Archives: June 2011

i’m back…

for the last 24+ hours i’ve been trying to put into words how i spent my weekend. sadly, i do not think the words i have can do it justice. i participated in an ace camp with erin loechner titled ‘living a fulfilled life of creativity’. i stumbled upon the workshop info a while ago and […]

bull city craft 2011 etsy party

i’ve (element75) decided to participate in the 2011 etsy craft party being held at bull city craft in durham, nc this year.  since i’ll be here and all. it’s an event being held on friday, june 10th from 4 – 8pm in cities all around the world where crafters/artists get together and sell their wares. […]

do you think?

i’m obsessed with my dog?  this is a screenshot of my phone’s photo album. i can’t help it.  every little thing he does is magic. yes, i have that song stuck in my head and now it’s going to be stuck in yours.  and yes, i swapped the she for a he. you’re welcome.

i’m still here…

yes.  i’m still in raleigh. i’ve had to extend my trip a few times for familial obligations. and they do not seem to want to end… my father had surgery, family dog has needed help, grandfather in the hospital for heart failure….and then tonight my grandmother fell and is in the hospital. the sun will […]