catch up

flew to the east coast last saturday (april 16) to see my peeps, attend carrie’s wedding reception/party and see my sweet dog, elliot.

he lives with my parent’s as he is technically the family dog but i claim him as mine.  more on him later…

cashed in more frequent flier points (haller-loo-yuh) and flew first class.

hot damn.

i think the sky even looks better from first class.

too bad i’m out of points….  back to the cattle car from now on…

hot towels, booze, hot nuts, lunch and warm cookies were served on the first flight.

lunch was a steak quesadilla, rice, salad, pita chips and cheese dip.  and more booze.

arrived in dallas and luckily made my layover.

back on the plane to head to raleigh.

dinner served.

cheese pasta, salad and some cheesecake.  and more booze.  what?!

reunited at last….

landed in a tornado devastated raleigh.  i missed the storm by a few hours…

horribly sad…

trees were down and debris was everywhere.

and this is just what i saw near downtown raleigh.  much worse everywhere else.

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