ok, so i’ve been a slogger (slack blogger) again.  i swear, i’ll try to do better.

i write the blog for myself to remember the things that i do and you never really think anyone is reading…so it’s nice to get the “where are you?” emails.

part of my reason for slackness is that i fell down (again) and tore a nice chunk out of my palm (way to go, graceful!).

*WARNING*  if you’re grossed out by injuries, do not look at the photos.  if you aren’t grossed out by injuries, you can click on each image to make it larger (sicko).

i also tore my knees up but my hand was the worst.
ended up at the doctor to get it cleaned out.
lots of iodine and needle sticks of lidocaine later (OUCH!)…..

anyway, it’s been hard to type and do much of anything with that hand.

it’s been almost 2 weeks and it’s much better….

let’s just hope i can learn to stay vertical when walking.

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