as some of you know, japan has a special place in my heart.  when i was about 6, yuki and yoshi moved in across the street.  yuki was lee’s age and yoshi was my age.  they lived in the states for only a few years but remain lifelong friends of our family.

my friend jody, myself and yuki is on the right.  waiting for the bus.
yoshi waiting at the bus stop.

yuki lived with my family for a year during her senior year of high school.  my sister then lived in japan for 4 years.  my mom, sister and i traveled to japan for yuki’s wedding.  i’ve been twice and want to go back.  there is also hideki and his family.  so many people to worry about…

i love japan.

the recent tragedies going on there are heartbreaking.  earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear meltdowns, radiation, etc.  it’s awful.

it’s hard feeling helpless in the states.

i’ve donated to the red cross and so can you by texting REDCROSS to 90999.  It will automatically add $10 to your cell phone bill.  for more info, go here.

i also love what w + k are doing.  they designed a print to raise funds for japan and it can be yours for only $25.

buy it here.

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