first, let me start out by saying that i’ve been a slackie mcslackerton as far as blogging has gone.  sorry!  i’ll try to do better.

second, i don’t recommend trying a restaurant the same week that they are featured in portland monthly magazine.

lee wanted to venture out for pizza last night after reading the pizza article yesterday.  as we are heading out, she reads that our top 2 choices recommend lining up by 4:30pm if you want to get in.

um, it was already 4:45pm at this point.  shitballs.

so we decided on ken’s artisan pizza and knew we’d have to wait.

as we drove down the block, we realized it was the place with the enormous line of people wrapped around the building.

patience…………………..  i have none.

i dropped lee off to go wait in line and i searched for parking.

i think i forgot to mention it was below freezing last night….and we had to wait in line…outside.

we finally made it inside the door just in time for the entire restaurant to be sat which meant we had to wait for second seating.


we were ushered to the back to wait.  they had stools (yay!) and a server to bring us drinks and bread (double yay!).

it was torture waiting 1.5 hours for a table and having to see the delicious food pass us by.  but somehow we made it.

the pizza was incredible with the wood-fired charred edges that i love.

i skipped taking photos of the food as we were too hungry to wait.

it was great and definitely comparable to my other fave place, lovely’s fifty fifty.

next time, we’ll be there at 4:25pm.


if that deliciousness wasn’t enough, we ended up at voodoo doughnuts in the NE section of town.


i think that sent us over the edge.

lee’s choice with oreo’s and peanut butter on top.

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