Monthly Archives: February 2011


first, let me start out by saying that i’ve been a slackie mcslackerton as far as blogging has gone.  sorry!  i’ll try to do better. second, i don’t recommend trying a restaurant the same week that they are featured in portland monthly magazine. lee wanted to venture out for pizza last night after reading the […]

woke up to this…

a crazy snowstorm outside…

wish list: tractor stool

love this tractor stool by craig bassam for BassamFellows. *  DWR

wish list: soren dining chair

love the lines of this chair. *  Room & Board

wish list: minotti sofa

this sofa would look really good with me on it.  love the grey with peacock blue. * Minotti

wish list: almoco black flatware

i’m totally loving this flatware right now. * DWR

my new favorite place

uwajimaya. it’s my new fave store. it’s all things japanese and it makes me happy.  i can’t believe i haven’t been in there before.  i could spend HOURS in there and probably will next time i go.  it totally felt like i was back in japan and i wanted to stay. but…the place wasn’t perfect. […]


last saturday lee and i ventured out to try a new restaurant called isabel pearl for brunch. one word:  yum. we then attempted to walk around.  and by attempted i mean, lee hobbled with her leg cast on… but we were more obsessed with the dog tied up outside than the neighborhood. because let’s be honest, […]

the view

the weather has been fantastic lately with rain levels being at a record low for january. i’m NOT complaining about that. i had a derm appointment in a building down by the water that was on the top floor.  the view was unbelievable even though it was cloudy. and i’ll end this post here…it’s already […]