here comes the sun

the sun came out this morning.

and luckily stayed out the entire day!

insert happy face here.

lee (sister) and i went to get lunch after she was on call at the hospital all night.

i took her to the people’s sandwich of portland.

she’s a people’s sandwich virgin and luckily she loved it.

ps.  people’s sandwich is now offering:

lee insisted on her usual post call froyo but this time we decided to keep it in the downtown area.

she wasn’t loving it so we ended up at pudding on the rice where, you guessed it, they serve rice pudding.

lee loved it and sampled everything.  every single one of them.

i had tart froyo which was equally yum.

now back to the sunshine

we walked around a little bit.  i mean, when the weather is nice you have to grab it by the balls.

and random dude sleeping on the bench.  his tag said “security”.  hmmm…

after getting home later, there was the hottest hot pink sunset ever.   i couldn’t get my camera till it was almost gone…

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