Monthly Archives: January 2011

25 years…

25 years. today marked the 25th anniversary of the space shuttle challenger disaster. i very much remember watching the launch at school and being horrified when it exploded soon after liftoff. here’s an article about the anniversary. here’s a nasa video about the anniversary:  

here comes the sun

the sun came out this morning. and luckily stayed out the entire day! insert happy face here. lee (sister) and i went to get lunch after she was on call at the hospital all night. i took her to the people’s sandwich of portland. she’s a people’s sandwich virgin and luckily she loved it. ps. […]

beautiful day…

things to do in portland…

there are plenty of places i keep telling myself i’m going to visit while i live in portland.  somehow, i keep putting it off but it’s time to get on it… portland art museum oregon coast evergreen aviation & space museum sauvie island powell’s books – ok, so i still haven’t been apizza scholls museum […]

i think i must be dreaming…

sun, is that you? it’s been so long since i’ve seen you that i think i must be dreaming. whatever the case, i was glad to see you.  too bad you didn’t stick around through today. nope, you just couldn’t do it, could you?  nothing but clouds today.  but i’m so not complaining because it […]

happy birthday, elliot

happy birthday elliot. i cannot believe my sweet dog is 14 today. but mostly, i hate that i’m not with him to celebrate.  he lives with my parent’s on the east coast and right now i hate that arrangement. it is what it is and i have to wish him happy birthday from afar…. so […]

amazing speech…


it’s 01.11.11. yeah, i’m not that excited about it. maybe when it’s 11.11.11 i’ll have more enthusiasm. ********* finally settling back into portland and damn it’s cold. it’s been raining ice shards all evening. and i do mean shards. it feels like glass on the skin. i guess it’s better than rain? after returning to […]

back to portland

first blog while back in portland for the new year. hard to believe it’s 2011. 2011. where did the last decade go? ************ it was hard to leave raleigh behind and to say goodbye to my sweet dog. i hate more than anything leaving him.  somehow i think it gets harder each time. ************* flew […]

end of the year

i didn’t really blog towards the end of december so i’m behind and i’m not going to attempt to catch up! my time in raleigh is coming to a close with less than a week left. i’m looking forward to going home to portland but i’m going to miss my sweet dog. it snowed a few […]