holiday do-over?

this holiday season started out so promising, didn’t it?

then came today….  i guess it could be a lot worse but it could definitely better.

good news is that i actually slept last night.

and well.  first time in what seems like ages.

went to lunch with my mom and sister.  lee has been super sick all week and i’ve been fighting it.  we both have been fighting cabin fever though.  nice to get out.

then went downtown to designbox’s brand fandango shop.

as we were walking back to the car, i noticed raleigh denim’s new store the curatory.

a husband and wife team started the company a few years ago.  pretty damn amazing.  in complete awe of them.  the guy was really nice and showed us around the sewing area.  so cool….

came home and realized i screwed up my boss’ calendar.  fantastic.

then, my sister got a call from the vet in portland.  her dog sitter had taken orzo in this morning and it’s not good news.  not sure if it’s cancer, an abscess or something else but there really isn’t much they can do.  lee will go back to the vet with him on monday to see if they do further testing and what to do.  so sad.  he’s the sweetest dog and has been through so much this year and survived 2 surgeries.  i hope he can survive this….  i love you, orzo.

my mom then gets a call from my aunt saying that my uncle has been in a horrible car accident.  apparently the axle on his car broke and he went off the road and flipped 4x.  the state trooper that was there said he was lucky he survived.  and even luckier that he didn’t have his twin sons in the car.  a doctor was driving behind him and apparently pulled him out.  he has some injuries but he’s going to be okay.

christmas plans are now up in the air because we were going to their house.  we’ll see….

i think it’s time for a do-over….and maybe a cocktail…

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