remedy diner xmas party

the last week and a half have been a blur of seeing friends, get togethers and parties.

oh, and no sleep.  and it seems to have caught up with me today.

i feel on the verge of coming down with something like my sister did but hoping that’s not the case though.

last week was the remedy christmas party.

it consisted of a dj that liked to sing, some karaoke, dancing and people watching.  really good people watching.

oh and alcohol.  lots of alcohol.

good times.

here’s kara rockin’ david bowie:

carrie and chad:

justin and rachel:

carrie and rachel:

tommy lee, carrie and alisa giving someone the finger:

angie and chad:

crowd shot:

dancing people:

i will refrain from posting the anymore drunken debauchery.

but it was good times.

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