holiday-ed out.

it’s been great catching up with people all week – jennifer, matt, kristin, etc….and of course seeing people at the get togethers.

on sunday my sister “hosted” some of her chapel hill/durham friends in what’s become an annual “invite yourself over to my parent’s house” thing.

oh and when i say “hosted” i mean, it was my sister’s idea but i did a ton of the work.

it was fine though because i love all the people and it was FUN.  and i love having a party.

we made a ton of food.  and when i say “made” i mean we cooked some and bought the rest.  let’s be real.

i did make 10 dozen veggie sausage cheese balls and red velvet cupcakes.

10 f*$king dozen.

ridiculous.  but they were GOOD and so worth it.

i wish i’d taken more photos but i was working on food and drinks all night.  oh well, fun times were had.

here’s lee and deb serving the cupcakes:

anyway,  the party was:  my fam, deb, kat, john, revy, berkley, aninda, dino, rocco, rich, jessica, franklin and last but not least, frances.

lee, deb and jessica:

aninda and dino:

lee and rich:

deb, revy, berkley and rocco:

deb in her awesome yellow coat:

too bad deb had to leave early…she missed out on the slumber party with lee, kat, aninda and myself.

i don’t think i’ve laughed that hard in a long time…..

happy birthday to the wilson sisters (kat and aninda)!

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