travel continued

i landed in dallas and immediately started getting texts/emails from people saying that it was snowing like crazy in raleigh.

i slowly headed to the skylink train to get to my next terminal.

it was early in the evening but the airport felt very empty.

and most of the food places were closed.  not that that mattered since i was still full from my first flight.  but in case i got stranded.

this sculpture was right by my gate so i checked it out.

luckily my flight was on time and it was back to first class.

that’s right.  more cocktails.  more hot nuts.  and a choice between a southwest chicken salad and a cheeseburger.  and of course, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies to top it all off.


luckily we landed early and i was once again reunited with my favorite thing in the whole world.

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