voodoo doughnuts

after my lack of sleep at the sleep clinic, i headed downtown to walk around and waste time.

i then remembered that we’ve (sissy and i) been talking about getting my dad a t-shirt from voodoo doughnuts.
my dad doesn’t collect anything, he doesn’t like sports and he doesn’t drink, therefore, gifts are a prob. what he does like, is t-shirts.
voodoo doughnuts is apparently famous. it’s been on tv and there is always a line down the block. i had never been because i’m not a doughnut fan.
i braved the line all in the name of a gift for pops….
only to find out they didn’t have any in his size.
i wasn’t leaving there empty handed so i bought 1 doughnut.
i asked for the simplest, plain one they had. he suggested the devil’s food cake glazed.
they have many crazy flavors on the menu but i’m not a big sweets person.
luckily the doughnut wasn’t very big. and sadly it took my 3 days to finish it.
but it was damn good….

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