somebody’s watching me….

in an ever growing attempt to get my money’s worth from my health insurance company, i’ve been referred to a slew of specialists.

partly because i moved and had to find new doctors here and get established as a patient.

and partly because, well, why not.

my latest referral was to a sleep specialist.

i’ve never been a good sleeper. ever.

i’ve also never felt like i’ve gotten a good night’s sleep.

it’s always taken me hours to fall asleep, i awaken throughout the night and i’m always tired.

so, off to the ohsu sleep disorders program i went.

i saw a great doctor who suggested i do a sleep study.

the next night.

they do the studies in a hotel down by the river.


except for the fact that someone is WATCHING AND RECORDING YOU ALL NIGHT LONG!

i checked in at 8pm.  a tech came around at about 9 and hooked me up to a million wires.

i had things hooked to every part of my body. and they expected me to sleep??

luckily the doc gave me an ambien.

i still didn’t sleep well though.

i was glad to be discharged early the next morning.

too bad i won’t know the results for about 4 weeks. but what can i expect when the tests yield about 1200 pages worth of data?

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