good things must come to an end….

sadly, lee (my sissy) is leaving tomorrow for her next rotation in medford, or. she’s spent the last couple of days packing and preparing to be gone again. it’s been nice having her here the last 5 weeks.

but it must end….

so we decided to go out to dindin.

this was only after having to take sophie (the high maintenance golden retriever) to the vet today because of her scratching problem. she has had fleas lately despite our best efforts to keep frontline on her. so the vet said to spray the house with some toxic crap and give her a ton of pills. lovely.

of course we had to leave the house and this was an excellent excuse to go out and try a new place.

with the dogs in tow.

lee found this place in the NE called lovely’s fifty fifty. it’s a small, locally owned place that serves wood-fired pizza using only fresh, local ingredients. and homemade ice cream.

apparently people love it. and so did we.

it’s a cute place on n. mississippi.

i got the margherita pizza and it was fantastic.

lee had a pizza with winter squash, bellwether ricotta, arugula, sage and brown butter.

a little sweet for me but definitely delicious.

we then had to try the ice cream.  fudge and salted caramel.

i think we died.

tomorrow, back to reality.

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