vacation (b)ender, day 4

my mom’s last full day on the west coast.

we woke up at the lodge to a cold, foggy, rainy day. there is actually a mountain buried behind that fog.

no surprise.

we buffeted at the restaurant which was surprisingly good. they had all fresh food and we took full advantage of it. a little too much so.

we left behind the cozy lobby and set out up the mountain for a hike.

high elevation, steep inclines, cold rain, fog and full bellies do not make for good hiking.

and yes, that would be snow in the pic above.

at times the sky was beautiful and blue. and at times you were completely surrounded by clouds.

so off we go.

and more clouds roll in.

the back of the lodge.

other pics from the hike…

sadly the magic sky ride wasn’t operating due to bad weather.

and then it was time to leave.

and head to hood river.

lee was determined to stop at packer orchards on the way to hood river.

it’s a small road side store that sells fruit, preserves, ice cream, cookies and pies.

lee just wanted the samples.  of which she got.  and we headed on.

you can almost see mt hood behind the clouds.

next up…. hood river and multnomah falls.

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