the pups

on sunday, lee and i decided to take the pups to the dog park.

you know, the place where dogs go run around like crazy and sniff each other.

just getting there is an ordeal. the pups aren’t spring chickens anymore so lee has a ramp to get them in the car.
it would be great if they started the ramp at the bottom.
but they don’t.
finally made it to the park.
the pups mostly stuck by our side at first.  then finally went to explore and roll around.
sophie had a visitor and she wasn’t happy.
so she ran him off.  she is such a bitch.
orzo just drooled the whole time.
meanwhile, lee hula hooped.
in front of people.
i did not.
the pups were hot and tired and ready to leave.
they slept the rest of the day.

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