SE pdx continued

the whole point of our SE pdx adventure was because lee wanted to go to the japanese crepe place called mojo crepes.

the place was in an asian area of town. it’s a japanese crepe place but no one was japanese in there. the dude working was chinese.

should have been our first hint.

there were a lot of people in there playing games and not eating.

should have been our second hint.

the dude was sitting behind the cash register doing nothing while lee decided on what she wanted. it took a while.

he then proceeded to take another order while sitting.

should have been our third hint.

he finally gets up and starts making crepes.

it took him forever to cut all the fruit and toppings up. we decided to go sit down. he finally served those crepes to 2 people that had been sitting there the entire time we were there.

he then sits down and takes more orders.

you get the drift.

i decided to watch him make crepes. unfortunately i watched him drop one of the tools on the floor and pick it right back up and use it on my sister’s crepe.

i went to sit down.

about 35 minutes later, my sister gets her crepe filled with lemon custard, strawberries, whip cream and banana nut ice cream.

interesting experience…if you’re not in a hurry.

and to top it all off, she didn’t think it tasted that great.

oh well…we did pass this place as we left.

i love portland.

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