and the rain begins


yesterday i woke up to the smell of rain. there is something about the smell of the first rain

everything began to smell so clean.

it was only mildly drizzling but enough to leave me soaked after walking the dogs.

i guess it’s time to invest in some rain gear….

because today, the rain was much worse.


went to the doctor today.

figured it was time to find one here in case i get sick. plus i needed to get my vitamin b12 shot.

on a recommendation, i went to this PA that is associated with OHSU where lee is in school.

the nurse said that the PA had a student with her and would i mind her tagging along.

i had a feeling lee would know her.

of course the girl was in lee’s class. what a small, small world. she was great though.

i have to say it was the most thorough doc visit i’ve ever had.

i got a b12 shot and a tetanus shot, one in each arm.

ouch. both arms are killing me tonight.

but at least i’m vaccinated against whooping cough. who knew there was an epidemic in oregon?

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