lazy hiatus

apparently i’m on a lazy hiatus.

i think it’s the new tv’s fault.

or perhaps comcast cable?

they are equally to blame.

so there are no real adventures to report. i did venture out today to get some jewelry making findings. before i left the house though, i looked up and saw a rainbow in the clouds.

i made a list of jewelry places to hit and only managed to hit one. they were all in different sections of town and of course i didn’t get out of the house before 3:30 and that equals bad traffic. oh well…there is always another day.

i did end up crossing the steel bridge that i’ve photographed many times. it crosses over the willamette river.

it’s crazy because the rail passes right beside you.

all of this to say that i made it to a jewelry supply store in the NE section of town to get some jump rings.

one good thing about my new tv/cable…..i make more jewelry. hope to add new pieces to etsy soon…

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