sweltering heat.

the last few days have been unbearable.

yesterday – 98 degrees, today – 100 degrees.

all would be peachy if we had AIR CONDITIONING.

but no….no we don’t.

so our little apartment turns into an oven.  an oven that doesn’t cool down until 2am.

tomorrow the heat advisory is ending in the evening and it can’t come fast enough.

for reals.

the weather gods are trying to kill me.

i finally couldn’t take it this afternoon and i ventured out.

i went to the SW section of portland in hopes of finding a restaurant that had cold drinks and even colder a/c.

i ended up at kenny & zuke’s delicatessen.

i’ve heard about it but never been.  it’s a jewish deli that serves RIDICULOUSLY sized portions of traditional jewish fare and then some.

they did not disappoint.

everyone working there was young and very attractive.  and they were all men. delicious.

back to the food.

i decided to try a pastrami reuben because, hey, that’s what they are known for.

it was enormous and i could not even eat half.  no wonder the sandwich costs $12.95.  other sandwiches i saw were much bigger….

it was fantastic and tender and melt-in-your-mouth. sinfully delicious.

while sitting there, i noticed snowboarder/skateboarder shaun white.  it’s hard to miss his hair.

flaming red and very curly.

he was in town for the dew tour and apparently won the vert title right before going to eat.  he’s got mad skills and is amazing to watch.  and he can crush a sandwich.

then it was back to the oven….

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