tv detox

i admit it.

i love tv.

i really do.

i like watching it before bed.  while i’m making jewelry. or just when something good is on.

i like the option.

i decided to leave my tv behind when i moved. p. and i bought it before we moved to LA and that was in 2003. and let’s just say it wasn’t top of the line. it’s been a fine tv but lately, it’s been losing it’s color.

so hauling it wasn’t worth it.

i admit i had hopes of buying a new flat panel tv once i settled in. but too many other bills have had to be paid.

oh how i miss my sweet, sweet tv.

so it’s just me and my laptop.  and my itunes.

i’ve taken this lack of tv opportunity to watch some new shows.

that’s how i arrived at “dexter”.

and i’m hooked.

i’ve been watching it at night before i go to bed and often times falling asleep on an episode.

not the best images to have in your mind before you drift off to sleep.

you see, dexter is a serial killer. a charming one, but still a serial killer. you get the drift….

before, i was falling asleep to “ncis” and having delightful dreams about mark harmon. now i dream of michael c. hall and bloody crime scenes.

might be time for a new bedtime show….but damn i love it.

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