from bad to worse…

that describes my day.

i rolled over in bed this morning to find my sister’s golden retriever heavily panting and acting weird.

it was 5am.

even though she is weird to begin with, this was extremely weird for her.

i figured she needed to go out.  i got up, opened the door and she ran faster than i’ve ever seen her run.

yep, she got sick.

a big ol’ pile of sick.

at least it wasn’t in the house…

and of course i tried to go back to sleep but my sister’s lab wouldn’t leave me alone. his tail, that i swear, is made of lead would not stop beating on everything. so no sleep.

decided to run some quick errands before showering.

bad idea.

i pulled over to answer the phone because my hands-free thing wouldn’t work. talked a bit and responded to 2 emails.

then i went to crank my car.

nothing but clicking. dead battery.



the battery is 2 years old.

then i realized i’d left the lights on and the gps plugged in while i pulled over. ugh…

since i do not have AAA anymore on my car, i looked them up on my iphone. called a number that kept giving me the runaround with the “press 1 for….. press 2 for ….” crap.

finally, someone answered.

i explained that i wanted to sign up and get my car jump started.

after a million questions and giving him my info, he said he needed to transfer me to new accounts.


put on hold and transferred to another annoying “press 1….”.

finally another person.  repeated the same info.



called back.

more “press 1 for …” crap.

finally another person. repeated the same info.

she said they had transferred me to the california AAA. i needed the oregon/idaho one.


i was beginning to think no one was listening.

called back.
more “press 1 for …” crap.
finally another person. repeated the same info.
i was flipping out at this point. it went on like this for awhile before i finally left an angry message for some supervisor.
back to square 1.
walked down the highway to a service station.
waited a while and was told they couldn’t help.
kept walking to another.
waited forever while the dude was on the phone.
he said it would be $55 for a jump and i’d have to wait till his partner came back.
i had to walk further down the road to the ATM to get cash.
hitchhiked back.
finally lady arrives back. she agrees to give me a ride to my car and jump it for me.
a ridiculously long story….blah blah blah…it cranked. and i’m out $55 and 3 hours.
made it home.
more sick dog.
more annoyances.
curtains keep falling down in bedroom. they are too heavy for the rod.
cleaned the shower and proceeded to scrape my knuckles across the rusty shower knob and bled everywhere.
broke the toilet seat when i tried to tighten the screws again. broke the cheap plastic bolts right off the seat. had to buy another one.
that’s enough for now….
needless to say the day has not gone how i had planned.
do over?


  1. Anonymous
    Posted Friday, August 20, 2010 at 1:30 am | Permalink

    Hey Caroline! I just read this. I would have been curled up in a ball on the side of the highway sobbing if i'd had that kind of day. But I had to laugh at your post! Miss you – Jen Papp

  2. element75
    Posted Monday, August 23, 2010 at 6:16 am | Permalink

    oh, i felt like sobbing! it was bad….but now, i can laugh with you! i miss you too!

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