so i’m officially a resident of oregon.

or at least the $70 i shelled out to the dmv to get a driver’s license tells me so.

the dmv.

what can i say about the dmv that hasn’t been said before?

it’s a nightmare.

today i decided i wasn’t leaving without a license and luckily i pulled it off.

it’s a lot of waiting in line, talking to someone, going to sit down, being called back up, going to sit back down, etc. the test is hard but i studied. a lot.

4 hours later, i left minus $70 and with a piece of paper that is my temp license.

now on to trying to get my car registered here. i have to mail a lot of paperwork to the people that i have my loan with for them to release the title to oregon. needless to say, it’s a pain in the ass and takes a long time and a bunch of money. but the process has begun.

2 things checked off the list.

now on to changing my car insurance, health insurance and bank account. i hadn’t planned to change any of it but it has proven to be a hassle so i’m biting the bullet. making the commitment and LIVING here.


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