city view

i had planned a productive day today.

it didn’t happen.

partially from having work to do.

and partially from having no real excuse.

i did have to take lee’s white doctor coat to her at the hospital in between rounds.

she left it at home. i know, that’s a shock. lee left something at home.

in all actuality, she always forgets something. let’s be real.

on my way home from the hospital, i pulled over and took a few photos with my iphone.

the hospital is up on top of the hill.

yes, on top.  which means, people and ambulances that need to rush to the hospital have to take these tiny winding roads to get to it.

smart, right?

it’s got a great view from the top though.

and here is me playing around with a new iphone photo app.

yeah, it didn’t turn out right.

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