Monthly Archives: August 2010

lazy hiatus

apparently i’m on a lazy hiatus. i think it’s the new tv’s fault. or perhaps comcast cable? they are equally to blame. so there are no real adventures to report. i did venture out today to get some jewelry making findings. before i left the house though, i looked up and saw a rainbow in […]

i broke down…

i did it. i broke down. i broke down and bought a new tv. i’ve been on a tv detox for about 9 weeks. it’s been good for me but damn i’ve missed it. my sweet, sweet tv. i got an inexpensive flat screen for my room and tomorrow, mr. cable man is set to […]

bad day, beautiful sunset…


woke up today uninspired. so i went in search of some inspiration and once again ended up taking another look at ann humphreys hooping videos. she’s a badass with a hula hoop. and she’s a chapel hill girl. i so wish i could do this…here is one of my faves… and this: simply amazing….


heat. sweltering heat. the last few days have been unbearable. yesterday – 98 degrees, today – 100 degrees. all would be peachy if we had AIR CONDITIONING. but no….no we don’t. so our little apartment turns into an oven.  an oven that doesn’t cool down until 2am. tomorrow the heat advisory is ending in the […]

tv detox

i admit it. i love tv. i really do. i like watching it before bed.  while i’m making jewelry. or just when something good is on. i like the option. i decided to leave my tv behind when i moved. p. and i bought it before we moved to LA and that was in 2003. […]

my earrings made it to the front page of etsy

i found out that a pair of my hardware earrings made it to the front page of etsy. of course i was a little late in finding out as no one tells you that. but exciting nonetheless. here is a screenshot of the front page.

from bad to worse…

that describes my day. i rolled over in bed this morning to find my sister’s golden retriever heavily panting and acting weird. it was 5am. even though she is weird to begin with, this was extremely weird for her. i figured she needed to go out.  i got up, opened the door and she ran […]

portland love #1

oregon has a law. a law that requires someone else to pump your gas for you. i love this law. there is nothing i hate worse than that germy gas nozzle and the smell that gets all over my hands. so leave it to oregon to have a law that allows me to enjoy my […]

wall of hope

08.09.2010 since june i’ve been hearing about a missing kid named kyron horman. a 7 year old boy from portland oregon. he went missing from his elementary school while in the care of his stepmother. then i moved to portland and since then, it’s everywhere. posters, signs, flyers, billboards and non-stop news on the story. […]