Monthly Archives: July 2010


missing another birthday today. this time it’s angie’s and i’m missing out on the celebrations. you miss a lot of things when you move away and it’s part of the deal when you move to the other coast. learned that lesson years ago when i moved to LA. so, happy birthday angie! lee and i […]

i’ve fallen in love….

with a sandwich. a big ass sandwich. dude. love at first bite. and second bite. and third bite… my sister came home after working about 36 hours at the hospital and twisted my arm to go. ok so there really wasn’t any twisting. we made it just in time as they were about to close. […]

traffic jam

pictures from yesterday’s traffic jam and wreck…. i decided not to take any pictures where you could actually see the person down. it was bad though…

ready for the day to end….

the heat is brutal. it’s after 8pm and it’s still over 90. i wouldn’t care but with no a/c it’s unbearable. and the dogs are miserable. today i decided to venture out and take care of some of my errands, meaning – returns. headed out to ikea to return a $25 shelf. what a fucking […]


yesterday was incredibly hot. today it’s supposed to be even hotter with temps up to 100! normally i wouldn’t care so much but we have NO A/C!  misery. it’s already hot in here and never really cooled off last night. saturday cannot get here fast enough….

beautiful days

i’m listening to two snoring dogs and grateful i have a few moments without a cold, wet nose nudging my arm for pets.  i love them but damn….nonstop.  especially when i’m trying to get work done.   the weather has been amazing lately with no rain.  today, however, is supposed to be the start of […]

last few days…

it’s now tuesday…where did the weekend go?  oh yeah…unpacking, shopping for apt stuff, unpacking some more, cleaning, etc. 4th of july was uneventful but the sunset was really pretty. it’s hard to tell in the photo from my iphone but it was lovely.  the weather has been great but i hear it’s going to be […]

first full day in pdx…

barely slept last night and woke up to the yellow lab jumping onto the blow up bed with me. bad habit but it was really cute.  cannot wait to unpack my suitcases as i have no idea where anything is.  hopefully i can tackle that this weekend… exhaustion set in today with the feeling of […]

day 9: oregon —> portland

didn’t sleep well…again…but i was ready to get out of the hotel.  packed up, loaded the car and left.  the drive felt like it took forever.  luckily it was great scenery to look at because i don’t think i could have taken another idaho.  i swear the last 2 hours felt like 5 days though. […]

day 8: utah, idaho & oregon

are we there yet?! exhaustion is setting in….well that, and dirty clothes.  i feel like i’m fighting a cold.  could it be going from 108 degree weather to being in the 40′s tonight?  or too much A/C in hotel rooms?  or just hotel rooms and random interstate stops?  who knows…  must…fight…it… left cloudy salt lake […]