Monthly Archives: July 2010

cross country

finally did the math on the trip across the country. 3,148 miles traveled. 13 states traveled through. north carolina virginia west virginia kentucky indiana illinois missouri kansas colorado utah wyoming idaho oregon in 9 days. 9 longgg days.

the track

i often find myself walking around the campus of the high school beside my place. sometimes with the dogs or just by myself. it makes me feel very rydell high (from grease).

She & Him – Thieves

beautiful song by she & him. the beautiful video is directed by my friend norwood cheek. check it out!


i was out walking the other day and ended up at the high school behind my place. i noticed a tow truck loading up 2 tiny 3 wheeled cars. i asked the guy sitting on the curb if they were his and they were. he was taking them to a car show the next day. […]

my sister

my sister has an addiction. it’s getting serious and completely out of hand. she’s a hardcore cereal junkie. lee heard that new seasons was having a sale on cereal and i’ve never seen such excitement upon hearing that. we went there today and she emptied their shelves. she had to push the cart outside because […]

portland saturday market

woke up today and it was nice and chilly which i love. decided to check out the portland saturday market which i keep hearing about. it’s down by the river in historic old town. it’s a huge arts & crafts market that happens every saturday. tons of art, food, music, etc. my fav were the […]


home. home? what classifies as home? is it where your stuff is? your family? your dog? your friends? or the old cliche, where the heart is? so far i love it here. the weather has been fantastic except for a few days of miserable heat. the trees are beautiful. the people are sweet and lovely. […]


ventured out yesterday to the NW area of portland. i agreed to do a return at REI for lee. and if you know me at all you’d know it was very sweet of me as i do not particularly enjoy REI. followed the gps and got on the 405. LA people will know what i’m […]

what a day…

woke up to thunderous noise in the bathroom of which i thought lee was home and about to do her hair. it sounded like she was digging around under the sink for the hair dryer. it was tons of banging around and it went on forever. i called out to her asking why she was […]


sunday… sunday funday… lee and i headed over to our neighborhood farmer’s market.  super convenient and full of deliciousness. maybe too much deliciousness? i should have known when lee said she never buys vegetables there. we decided to split a tamale and a bagel. we indulged in a salvador molly’s tamale and a tastebud bagel […]