department of no moving lines

i’ve been studying the oregon handbook in order to get my oregon license. i believe it might be my least favorite thing to do.  or one of them.

i hate the dmv.

i mean, HATE the dmv.

i remembering studying for the california one after being told that it was notoriously hard. and it was. luckily i passed.

it’s not just the test though. it’s the hassle of dealing with the dmv.

the lines. oh, the lines.

in california you can make an appointment. sounds great, right?

in theory, yes.

you still have to wait an eternity!  the appointments are pointless.

back to oregon. the test is hard. the lines are long. and my patience is thin.

the book is full of sentences like this:

um, really?

it’s ridiculous. but it must be done and i’m ready to be done with it.


after attempting the dmv today and getting nowhere in the line, lee and i decided to go to get some dindin.

she wanted to go to thai herbs in multnomah village.

we sat outside and shared pad see ew with tofu. pretty yummy.

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