strange dreams.

even though i’ve been out of school for, um, quite some time i still have dreams about it.

usually it’s i can’t remember my combination to my locker or i do not think i have enough credits to graduate and i cannot find any of my professors to help me figure out if that is the case.

in last night’s, i was in a class at the end of the year and someone mentioned lockers needing to be cleaned out. i realized that i had forgotten to clean my locker out in the photo building and it was the last day of classes. ahhh!

i ran up to the professor (although it was more like my high school gym teacher) and asked if i could run over there to catch one of my photo professors before school was out to help me get into my locker. see once again, i forgot the combo and needed help remembering.

the professor/gym teacher said no. even though it was the last day and we weren’t doing anything.

i begged. i didn’t want to lose all of my equipment that i had in there.

she still said no.

i then called her a f%*king b$#*h.

oops. that definitely did not help the situation.

and now i cannot remember the rest.

not like it’s really thrilling and you are sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to find out the rest of the story.

anyway, i hate these dreams. they are full of panic and worry and anxiety.

yes, i know they are fueled by something that is going on in my life.  i just wish they would leave my sleepytime alone.

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