there is some relief with the heat.  it’s 11:33pm and it’s finally cooling off. tomorrow should be much better and i couldn’t be more happy about it.

i walked through the farmer’s market today but did not spend too much time there. it was packed and as crazy as it sounds, i was lacking patience.

checked the mail today and there was the latest issue of portland monthly with the feature article being “63 things every portlander must do”.

it got me thinking about all the parts of the city that i want to try to explore.

i wanted to get out of the house so i checked out one of my favorite websites.  i referenced this site quite a bit when i drove across the country.  i love the odd and quirky and that’s what they focus on.

i picked out the paul bunyon statue in the north part of the city.

it’s enormous and the street signs help put it in perspective.
and what is that building in the background you ask?
why it’s the dancing bare strip club. and they are now featuring new a/c!  what a relief.
drove by the waterfront on the way home and it was packed.

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