enough with the heat

the weather has been great lately….. until today.

i believe the high was 94 and the same for tomorrow. can’t wait.

it’s one thing to be that hot. it’s another thing to be that hot with no air conditioning. the fans just blow hot air like a convection oven. wtf?!

it’s 6:23pm now and it’s still 92. the hottest part of the day here is the late afternoon and evening. i’m counting the hours until it cools off….help!

luckily it will be cooler starting monday and it can’t get here quick enough.

lee finished work around noon today so we decided to try a new place out that we’ve been wanting to go.

it’s in the NE section on a pretty cool street. food was incredible. i do not think i’ve had bad food in pdx yet.

lee forgot stuff at the hospital (shocker) so we road up to OHSU on the hill. it has to be the nicest hospital i’ve ever been in and it has an incredible view. and it’s the county hospital!

we decided to ride the aerial tram down for the hell of it. i’ve done it before but it’s always a nice ride. lee rides it all the time for work but whatevs.

mt hood was actually visible today which is a rarity here.

and a fuzzy closeup.

mt st helens.

more city views.
this is an old church that was converted into a book store that recently caught on fire. the owner had recently quit paying his insurance due to lack of funds. he lost everything…
more tram pics…
station at the bottom.
heading back up.

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