what classifies as home?

is it where your stuff is?

your family?

your dog?

your friends?

or the old cliche, where the heart is?

so far i love it here. the weather has been fantastic except for a few days of miserable heat. the trees are beautiful. the people are sweet and lovely. great restaurants, shops and things to do. big art community. eco-conscious. forward thinking. hell, i could go on and on.

but i did move here with only what would fit in my car. i left behind all of my “things” and i have to say that i miss them. i like looking around and seeing the familiar and things that are aesthetically pleasing. what can i say, design is very important to me.

i’m living in an apartment where nothing is mine. the sheets i’m sleeping on are not mine. the towels i’m using are not mine. the dogs are not mine. looking forward to some of my boxes arriving soon.  although this place will never be mine it will be nice to have a few of my things. it’s my sister’s place and i’m living in it  she did her best to consolidate her stuff and make room for me which was nice. the place just isn’t big enough for 2 people and 2 styles. but it’s temporary and we’ll make do.

it’s been a while since i’ve felt like i was living in my own “home“. LA. that was the last place i felt that. a place that i loved and i made mine  since then my things have been in storage and i’ve been waiting for the day that i can unpack them. but that could be quite some time before that happens.

who knows where i’ll end up after lee is done with her clinical year and i’m free to move about as i wish.

stay in portland?

back to LA?

who knows. but a lot can change in a year. maybe portland will feel like home.

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