ventured out yesterday to the NW area of portland.

i agreed to do a return at REI for lee. and if you know me at all you’d know it was very sweet of me as i do not particularly enjoy REI. followed the gps and got on the 405. LA people will know what i’m talking about. the 405 blows. it’s a constant parking lot 95% of the time and to be avoided if at all possible. well yesterday it was like that here.

took forever to get on the freeway and inched on there for a mile. luckily i didn’t have to go far. made it to REI and did the return and headed back out. had planned to go to urban outfitters but could not score any parking within a mile radius.

so i drove around exploring and somehow ended up in an area i’m more familiar with, ie, the food cart area. but i resisted.

i did, however, remember that i wanted to try this place called the peoples’ sandwich of portland.

they have a small menu and use only fresh, local ingredients including dave’s killer bread.

i got the caprese-ish – mixed greens, fresh mozzarella, grape tomatoes, pesto vinaigrette on a french roll.  heaven.  and it comes with DicTater chips made there.

it was kind of late for lunch so there weren’t many people there but several people came in to get to-go food.

walked around the neighborhood some (it’s near chinatown) and down to the water (columbia river, i think).

i love portland.

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