what a day…

woke up to thunderous noise in the bathroom of which i thought lee was home and about to do her hair. it sounded like she was digging around under the sink for the hair dryer. it was tons of banging around and it went on forever. i called out to her asking why she was home. i thought it was weird because she had an early call time at the hospital.  

i finally got home to find orzo (the yellow lab) dragging lee’s bathrobe with the over-the-door rack attached in his mouth and various other towels and washcloths on the floor. and there was sophie (the golden retriever) trying to play with it.  

they had bent the rack pretty bad trying to rip it down from the door. luckily i fixed it and put the stuff back when i saw out of the corner of my eye something brown.  

i think you know where this is going.

i looked around the fan to discover a hot fresh steaming pile of poo in front of the couch. 

that’s when the aroma hit me like a ton of bricks.

so i spent the next little while trying to get the pile of mush off the carpet. not the best way to start the day.

i then took the pups for a walk in which it was a non-stop poop fest. needless to say, i barely ate the first part of the day.  

can i get a do-over?

at least the food i made for dinner turned out well. i made a baked eggplant parm and it was delicious. i’ve made it for years now and it’s always been yum and luckily lee liked it. i will definitely be tasting garlic for days but it was worth it. i guess i’ll have to limit who i make out with. what!

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