sunday funday…

lee and i headed over to our neighborhood farmer’s market.  super convenient and full of deliciousness.

maybe too much deliciousness? i should have known when lee said she never buys vegetables there.

we decided to split a tamale and a bagel.

we indulged in a salvador molly’s tamale and a tastebud bagel sandwich. all i can say is damn….the tamale was filled with yummy artichokes and cotija cheese. we had tried one at the actual restaurant awhile back but this one was hot and fresh and delicious. the bagel sandwich was on a montreal-style everything bagel with cream cheese, pesto, ripe tomato and bacon. all fresh and locally grown.  both were messy and amazing.

shopped around some more and actually bought some blueberries and fresh bread.

i spent part of the day trying to find some of my previously tested recipes online but couldn’t seem to find any of them at first. finally managed to find my healthy eggplant parm recipe.

ended up going to the store in the afternoon with lee and i’ll make the eggplant tomorrow. made a veggie pizza tonight with the fresh pitas the breadman was selling at the farmer’s market.

feeling more settled in and ready to explore the city. especially since the miserable heat seems to have left. hopefully for good.

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