missing another birthday today. this time it’s angie’s and i’m missing out on the celebrations. you miss a lot of things when you move away and it’s part of the deal when you move to the other coast. learned that lesson years ago when i moved to LA. so, happy birthday angie!

lee and i just went on an excursion to beaverton. or as i like to call it – the beave. it’s really just surburbia. lee discovered a new fro-yo place out there so we hit the road. dude. a freaking wall of flavors and they have 2 sizes you can choose – a bucket or a really large bucket. it’s kinda hard to weasel your way through the hungry peeps and their kids.

it’s ok though. enough with the bingeing. big ass and fro-yo in the same night is a bit much.
we then headed to joann’s craft store for lee (yes, my sister wanted to go to the craft store) and then to one i’ve never been to before called craft warehouse. overwhelming to say the least. but all i bought were batteries for my fan. what is wrong with this picture?

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